Kirk Douglas Quotes

I received a letter from a professor at Harvard, Timothy Leary, inviting me to participate in a mind-expansion program using something I’d never heard of – LSD. I was intrigued. If I hadn’t been in the middle of a hit play, I would have joined his experiment. I wanted to expand my mind.

Some of the people accused of being Communists were Communists, but that is not against the law in the United States. The House Un-American Activities Committee, HUAC, cross-examined people from Hollywood. Twenty-three went willingly and testified to the political affiliations of others. Among them were Gary Cooper, Ronald Reagan, George Murphy, Robert Montgomery, Adolphe Menjou. […]

I think of my life like a stone thrown into a calm pool. The first ripples are the security of the kitchen. I remember wonderful moments of tranquillity in the kitchen, always a refuge and a haven for me: my three older sisters at school, the three younger ones asleep, or not born yet. Nobody […]

What does an actor do if he can’t talk? He has to wait for silent pictures to return.