Leonardo DiCaprio Quotes

What I live for is those … moments where you really feel like it’s real life, and you’re in this character, and you’re in this moment and you’re recreating life as it goes along. That to me is like a drug. It’s like the ultimate high.

There’s no handbook for fame. There’s no handbook for being splashed on the cover of People magazine when you didn’t want to be there, or being on the cover of the Enquirer, you know, all these magazines, and being talked about here and there, speculated, you know, ‘Who’s he? What’s he doing here? What’s he […]

If I were to describe “Don’t Look Up” in a nutshell, it would be an analogy of modern day culture and our inability to hear and listen to the scientific truth. I often in my career looked for a film that had an environmental undertone to it but much like the inundation of news on […]