Lloyd deMause Quotes

What we found in examining diaries, letters, autobiographies, pediatric and pedagogical literature back to antiquity was that good parenting appears to be something only historically achieved, and that the further one goes back into the past the more likely one would be to find children killed, abandoned, beaten, terrorized and sexually abused by adults. Indeed, […]

When you arrange parenting modes on a scale of decreasing health, from empathic down to the most destructive child-battering parents, you have also listed historical modes of child care reaching back into the past. It is as though today’s child abuser were a sort of “evolutionary arrest,” a psychological fossil, stuck in a personality mode […]

The certainty with which the effective prohibition of incest has been declared leads one to look for the evidence these authors might have for their assertions. Yet such a search soon proves quite fruitless. . . consider the evidence for the opposite hypothesis: That it is incest itself-and not the absence of incest-that has been […]

There is hardly an imaginable form of genital assault that is not regularly performed on children.

Nothing can be more graphic of our hatred of children than an infant mortality rate of American babies in some of our largest cities that is close to that of a Third World country, or than the fact that we tolerate the regular use of poisonous drugs by millions of our teenagers. That we choose […]