Malcolm X Quotes

You’re not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it.

Never have I witnessed such sincere hospitality and the overwhelming spirit of true brotherhood as is practiced by people of all colors and races here in this ancient Holy Land, the home of Abraham, Muhammad, and all the other prophets of the Holy Scriptures. For the past week, I have been utterly speechless and spellbound […]

Here I am, back in Mecca. I am still traveling, trying to broaden my mind, for I’ve seen too much of the damage narrow-mindedness can make of things, and when I return home to America, I will devote what energies I have to repairing the damage.

We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock. Plymouth Rock landed on us.

The system in this country cannot produce freedom for an Afro-American. It is impossible for this… economic system, this political system, this social system, this system period.

Those social workers and sociologists – they tried to take me apart. Especially the black ones, for some reason… If I wasn’t “polarizing the community,” according to this bunch, I had “erroneously appraised the radical picture.”… One of my Mosque Seven Muslim brothers who worked with teenagers in a well-known Harlem community center showed me […]

I am for violence if non-violence means we continue postponing a solution to the American black man’s problem just to avoid violence.

If you think I’ll bleed nonviolently, you’ll be sticking me for the rest of my life. But, if I tell you I’ll fight back, there will be less blood. I’m for reciprocal bleeding.

We’re nonviolent with people who are non- violent with us. But we are not nonviolent with anyone who is violent with us.