Martin Amis Quotes

In fact, of course, hypocrisy boomed under the Bolsheviks, like hyper inflation. I do not intend it as a witticsm when I say that hypocrisy became the life and soul of the party – indeed this understates the case. Hypocrisy didn’t know what had hit it in October 1917. Until then, hypocrisy had had its […]

The argument, now, is about whether Bolshevik Russia was, ‘better’ than Nazi Germany. In the days when the New Left dawned, the, argument was about whether Bolshevik Russia was better than America.

And without humor there can be no common sense. Humorless people aren’t just the people that don’t laugh at jokes; I mean they can’t be trusted with anything. I don’t know how they get across the road without getting knocked over, it seems to me such a basic human quality, so it’s important to assert […]

Only in art will the lion lie down with the lamb, and the rose grow without thorn.