Nathanael West Quotes

Numbers constitute the only universal language.

At college, and perhaps for a year afterwards, they had believed in literature, had believed in Beauty and in personal expression as an absolute end. When they lost this belief, they lost everything. Money and fame meant nothing to them. They were not worldly men.

New groups, whole families, kept arriving. He could see a change come over them as they had become part of the crowd. Until they reached the line, they looked diffident, almost furtive, but the moment they had become part of it, they turned arrogant and pugnacious. It was a mistake to think them harmless curiosity […]

Once there, they discover that sunshine isn’t enough. They get tired of oranges, even of avocado pears, and passion fruit. Nothing happens. They do not know what to do with their time… They watch the waves come in at Venice… but after you’ve seen one wave, you’ve seen them all… Their boredom becomes more and […]