Nicholas D. Kristof Quotes

Some argue that the U.S. could have demonstrated the bomb on an uninhabited island, or could have encouraged surrender by promising that Japan could keep its emperor. Yes, perhaps, and we should have tried. We could also have waited longer before dropping the second bomb, on Nagasaki. But, sadly, the record suggests that restraint would […]

Bibles, like history, are written by the winners. There were innumerable early gospels and teachings (some 85 percent of Christian literature from the first two centuries has been lost). Some won approval and entered the New Testament, and the rest were condemned as heresies or died out on their own. The Gnostic Gospels and other […]

The White House is right that Iraq is by far the most repressive country in the entire Middle East – but that’s true only if you’re a man. To see how many Arab countries are in some ways even more repressive to women, consider how an invasion might play out. If American ground troops are […]