Philip Adams Quotes

You’ve only to walk amongst them, to trail your fingers over their spines, to be enriched by a wonderful osmosis.

The nation that refuses to dismantle its 7000 nuclear warheads, that, instead is fast-tracking new tactical nuclear weapons for use in the field, a country that now warns the world that it will attack nations and organizations not in retaliation but preemptively, has no precedence in human history. Here is arrogance, triumphalism, hubris on an […]

Oh we might wish that American mass culture wasn’t compulsory, that US hegemony didn’t extends to the way we dress, what we eat and how we conduct so much of our local politics… On the other hand, we recognise the great generosity of spirit within the American people -and a democratic example that was immensely […]

Advertising men and politicians are dangerous if they are separated. Together they are diabolical.