Phyllis McGinley Quotes

Sticks and stones are hard on bones aimed with angry art. Words can sting like anything but silence breaks the heart.

Hurrah, Mr. Nash, for your writings laughable! We like you surly, we love you affable, And think your poems designed for the nursery Almost the best in your bulging versery.

Seventy is wormwood, Seventy is gall But its better to be seventy, Than not alive at all.

Ah! Some love Paris and some Purdue. But love is an archer with a low IQ. A bold bad bowman and innocent of pity. So I’m in love with New York City.

Getting along with men isn’t what’s truly important. The vital knowledge is how to get along with one man.

A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away.

We might as well give up the fiction That we can argue any view. For what in me is pure Conviction Is simple Prejudice in you.

When blithe to argument I come, Though armed with facts, and merry, May Providence protect me from The fool as adversary, Whose mind to him a kingdom is Where reason lacks dominion, Who calls conviction prejudice And prejudice opinion.