Roger Williams Quotes

I must profess while heaven and earth last, that no one tenant that either London, England, or the world doth harbor is so heretical, blasphemous, seditious, and dangerous to the corporal, to the spiritual, to the present, to the eternal good of all men as the bloody tenant… of persecution for cause of conscience.

God requireth not an uniformity of Religion. The civil sword may make a nation of hypocrites and anti-Christians, but not one true Christian. A pagan or anti-Christian pilot may be as skillful to carry the ship to its desired port as any Christian mariner or pilot in the world, and may perform that work with […]

The church or company of worshipers (whether true or false) is like unto a corporation, society, or company: which companies may hold their courts, keep their records, hold disputations, and in matters concerning their society may dissent, divide, break into schisms and factions, sue and implead each other at the law, yea wholly break up […]