Sherwood Anderson Quotes

I remember one evening sitting with a lot of men in the Coffee House in New York – we had all been drinking, carousing – rather cheap actresses, magazine illustrators, popular painters, popular novelists. A pretty bad lot in general, sold out and all that, but suddenly I found myself saying to myself, “These are […]

You have the inclination to be alone and to dream and you are afraid of dreams. You want to be like others in town here. You hear them talk and you try to imitate them… You must try to forget all you have learned… You must begin to dream. From this time on you must […]

Everyone in the world is Christ and they are all crucified.

I have sometimes a queer mystical feeling as regards the attitude of people in general. Just as there are physical diseases, so there are diseases of feelings. In a little town like this I feel that on some days everyone goes about hating everyone else. Then something happens and a good feeling comes back. I […]

I got into the car and lit out to drift for a time. I had a grand ride, over mountains and rivers and out onto the prairies, crossed the Cumberland, Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi, and Missouri Rivers. It rained, the wind blew and the sun shone. Again I got in love with America. What a land! […]

Sometimes I think we Americans are the loneliest people in the world. To be sure, we hunger for the power of affection, the self-acceptance that gives life. It is the oldest and strongest hunger in the world. But hungering is not enough.