Stan Lee Quotes

To me, any new idea is worth exploring. Even a bad new idea is better than a good formulized rut you might be in.

We really are trying to make comics as good as comic can be made. We’re trying to elevate the medium. We’re trying to make them as respectable as possible. We … our goal is that someday an intelligent adult would not be embarrassed to walk down the street with a comic magazine. I don’t know […]

It’s so hard to animate a human being.

A fellow who’s a good artist, but isn’t good at telling a story in this form … in continuity form … can’t really work for us. Unless we get somebody to do the layouts for him and he just follows the layouts. We’ve done that in the past.

Costumes were nothing that I ever worried much about, but I see that the rabid fans are tremendously interested in the attire of their superheroes.