Stephen Fry Quotes

When you see a nude infant doing a backward somersault you know why clothing exists.

If I had a large amount of money I should found a hospital for those whose grip upon the world is so tenuous that they can be severely offended by words and phrases yet remain all unoffended by the injustice, violence and oppression that howls daily about our ears.

There is no logical explanation for despair. You can no more reason yourself into cheerfulness than you can reason yourself an extra six inches in height. You can only be better prepared.

Damn, damn and double damn. Damn it backwards into a narrow space, with a sideorder of hellfire, and twice on a Sunday. DAAAAAAAMN.

It is easy to forget that the most important aspect of comedy, after all, its great saving grace, is its ambiguity. You can simultaneously laugh at a situation, and take it seriously.

Christmas to a child is the first terrible proof that to travel hopefully is better than to arrive.

Of course too much is bad for you. That’s what too much means!