Ted Danson Quotes

These are my professional-athlete years. Professional athletes are always in rehab and playing hurt. That’s me at 70.

Age is a marker, but it’s not everything. What we’re capable of has a lot more to do with our determination, our creativity and our passion than the number of candles on the cake.

The unspoken message I got as a child was that we had nothing. We didn’t have TVs. I looked like a ragamuffin. My clothes were all hand-me-downs. My dad worked, and there was enough money for the necessities, but getting more and more money was never a goal.

My philosophy is that you are a tube for money. It just comes through you, and as long as you don’t panic, stay happy and grateful, appreciate what you have and know what you want to do, it’ll come.

Once you throw your arms up and surrender, a lot of times things come your way.