Thomas Brackett Reed Quotes

The best system is to have one party govern and the other party watch.

To say that a thing has never yet been done among men is to erect a barrier stronger than reason, stronger than discussion.

Most new things are not good and die an early death; but those, which push themselves forward, and by slow degree force themselves on the attention of mankind are the unconscious productions of human wisdom and must have honest consideration, and must not be made the subject of unreasonable prejudice.

Let a man proclaim a new principle. Public sentiment will surely be on the other side.

We were then in a condition which secured to us the respect and envy of the civilized world. The quarrels which other nations have, we did not have. The sun did set on our dominions, and our drum-beat did not encircle the world with our martial airs. Our guns were not likely to be called […]