Tori Kelly Quotes

I’ve learned to appreciate all of the in-between moments that seem small or unimportant. There were moments in my career that felt like such a whirlwind, and I put so much focus on the big moments, but I’ve realized that it really is about the journey, not the destination.

The common thread throughout all of my EPs is that they were mostly created at home. My very first EP was actually created in my childhood bedroom before I moved out. With that said, it felt very natural for me to be locked in my studio for hours while I was making this new EP […]

It is the best feeling to randomly get an idea for a song and then have the ability to record it right away. I definitely love going into studios and collaborating with other people, but when it comes to recording vocals, I prefer doing it at home.

Life has always been my inspiration. But I think a big topic for me has been simply me being loved and me being happy…and I realized that I don’t really have very many songs that represent the love that I feel more in recent years.