W. Somerset Maugham Quotes

It’s maddening when you’re playing Patience and people won’t leave you alone.

I have noticed that most men who live in places where game is plentiful acquire a distaste for killing the wild creatures of the jungle. It suggests itself to them that the graceful creatures, whose habits they have studied, have as much right to life as they.

The critic I am waiting for is the one who will explain why, with all my faults, I have been read for so many years by so many people.

It has amazed me that the most incongruous traits should exist in the same person and, for all that, yield a plausible harmony.

Philip found that a discussion on art was raging. Lawson, whom he had met at luncheon, sat opposite to him. He was a thin youth with a freckled face and red hair. He had very bright green eyes. As Philip sat down he fixed them on him and remarked suddenly: “Raphael was only tolerable when […]