Whittaker Chambers Quotes

I see in Communism the focus of the concentrated evil of our time.

The Communist vision is the vision of man without God.

Every sincere break with Communism is a religious experience, though the Communists fail to identify its true nature, though he fail to go to the end of the experience. His break is the political expression of the perpetual need of the soul whose first faint stirring he has felt within him, years, months or days […]

I know that I am leaving the winning side for the losing side, but it is better to die on the losing side than to live under Communism.

The story has spread that in testifying against Mr. Hiss, I am working out some old grudge, or motives of revenge or hatred. I do not hate Mr. Hiss. We were close friends, but we are caught in a tragedy of history. Mr. Hiss represents the concealed enemy against which we are all fighting, and […]

You don’t understand the class structure of American society or you would not ask such a question. In the United States, the working class are Democrats. The middle class are Republicans. The upper class are Communists.

Political freedom is a political reading of the Bible.

You know what the problem with this case is? We’re cast wrong. I look like a slob, so I should be the villain. (Alger) Hiss, the handsome man who knows all the society people, is the born hero. It’s bad casting. If it was the other way around, nobody would pay any attention to the […]