Animation Quotes

It’s so hard to animate a human being.

“Snow White” was more than a picture to me. It was a life saver. The bank had loaned me $1,500,000, and they were getting jittery, because all I had to show them was drawings.

I figured that it was idiotic to make pieces for children, because a 10-cant or 15-cent audience is unimportant in this business. So all of our work was slanted principally at an adult audience. ‘Snow White’ road-showed at prices ranging from 85 cents up, proved that parents would pay even those prices for their children’s […]

It takes hundreds of human hours to make a frame of those films. I worked on “Toy Story 4” for 4.5 years. The Pixar folks have been on it way longer than that. But you’re always in the best hands, and the proof is in that pudding.