Brain Quotes

Your brain is like your stomach in the sense that if it’s empty, you’re willing to put anything in there to fill it up.

You’ve got the brains of a four year old boy, and I bet he was glad to get rid of it.

If you had any brains, you’d be dangerous.

And this is only one of the differences between men’s and women’s brains. Another difference involves a brain part called the “cingulate gyrus,” which is the sector where emotions are located. The Reuters article does not describe the cingulate gyrus, but presumably in women it is a structure the size of a mature cantaloupe, containing […]

Brains are like hearts – they go where they are appreciated.

The human brain is like a railroad freight car – guaranteed to have a certain capacity but often running empty.

If you want to know if your brain is flabby, feel your legs.

The fact that a human brain of high amperage, otherwise highly efficient, may have a hole in it is surely not a secret.

Long whiskers cannot take the place of brains.

Brain, n.: The apparatus with which we think that we think.