Broadway Quotes

The problem with COVID was that I had made the decision to bring ‘A Chorus Line’ here in Spanish in 2020. We would’ve been the first Spanish-speaking company to hit Broadway — and in a major way, because we were going to stay for a minimum of six months.

When I saw “Hamilton” I wrote, “It’s the best musical ever on Broadway (except for ‘The Producers’).” That’s how it is in show-business. It’s always, “You’re good – but you’re not me!”

I always felt that I would be somebody, but it still surprises me. Like when I drive through Times Square and see my billboard. Or when I got a standing ovation on Broadway for my role in “A Raisin in the Sun.” Or when I finished the marathon. Or when I perform at Madison Square […]

I never thought I’d be on Broadway. I certainly didn’t think I would be in a movie, let alone win six Emmy Awards for being on television. I never imagined any of that and I just loved acting.