Campaign Funds Quotes

Give the people issues, and you will not have to sell your soul for campaign funds.

Trying to take money out of politics is like trying to take jumping out of basketball.

Groups like ours are potentially very dangerous to the political process. We could be a menace, yes. Ten independent expenditure groups, for example, could amass this great amount of money and defeat the point of accountability in politics. We could say whatever we want about an opponent of a Senator Smith and the senator wouldn’t […]

If a baseball player slides into home plate and, right before the umpire rules if he is safe or out, the player says to the umpire-“Here is $1,000.” What would we call that? We would call that a bribe. If a lawyer was arguing a case before a judge and said, “Your honor before you […]

I am deeply touched – not as deeply touched as you have been coming to this dinner, but nevertheless it is a sentimental occasion.

When buying and selling are legislated, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.

The need for collecting large campaign funds would vanish if Congress provided an appropriation for the proper and legitimate expenses of each of the great national parties, an appropriation ample enough to meet the necessity for thorough organization and machinery, which requires a large expenditure of money. Then the stipulation should be made that no […]

The idea that you can merchandise candidates for high office like breakfast cereal – that you can gather votes like box tops – is, I think, the ultimate indignity to the democratic process.

It’s so hard to find men of a so high type of morals that they’ll stay bought.

Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich by promising to protect each from the other.