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My dream was always to be a filmmaker.

When I used to do a film, it’d go into a movie house all across the country. Now you do a movie and you get a couple weeks in a movie house. Maybe six weeks or four weeks, and then it goes right to streaming or pay-per-view. It’s not as enjoyable to me.

Quality film-making is the key. You don’t wanna do films with black casts and directors just for the sake of doing it. Critical acclaim and commercial success is the goal. Also the way we work together as artists; giving to one another and sharing in the work. That’s what a renaissance is: artists who wanna […]

Being the “Halloween” guy gave me a career in movies. And even now I’m working on the new “Halloween” movies that are being released by David Gordon Green.

I can’t evaluate my own movies. I can’t even watch my own movies. I hate talking about them.