Improvize - Improvization Quotes

I started when I was a teenager, at high school I started doing stand-up. And that’s what I thought I was gonna do. And then I met Kevin McDonald in a Second City workshop, and we started doing improv.

The most dangerous thing is improvising with a band and thinking, “Okay, now’s the time to play that diminished scale,” and somebody in the band is thinking, “Now’s the time to play a major chord.” Those kinds of accidents do happen.

There’s nothing more fun than to play music to an audience. You can improvise at rehearsals, but it’s kind of a dead atmosphere. There’s no audience feedback.

Let me give you one piece of advice: don’t improvise too much. It is such a waste of precious material. Make a point of writing everything down; you will thus collect and concentrate your ideas. You are denied the tranquillity and security from interruption which are the essential conditions for finishing a composition perfectly.