Journalism Quotes

Barbara Walters was a trailblazer and a true pro. She outworked, out-thought, and out-hustled her competitors.

As I look back, it feels to me that my life has been one long audition — an attempt to make a difference and to be accepted.

I do not want to appear on another program or climb another mountain. I want instead to sit on a sunny field and admire the very gifted women — and OK, some men too — who will be taking my place.

How do you say goodbye to something like 50 years in television? How proud when I see all the young women who are making and reporting the news. If I did anything to help make that happen, that is my legacy.

I can have respect and admiration for famous people, but I have never had a sense of fear or awe.

Professionally, I dabbled in various topics and formats my first decade as a writer by necessity to pay the bills. Luckily, I fell in love with historical research and writing right around the time I realized I was a terrible reporter because I don’t like to pry.

Be decisive, and be clear.

I’d like to think that if you take out fashion, you have a modern feature magazine in Vogue, whether we are talking about breast cancer or Bosnia or Mrs. Clinton. There are other magazines that do not believe in all that.

I’m not a great believer in the coffee-table approach to magazines. I’m a journalist. I don’t think a magazine’s like a book, it should be a mirror of life.