Musical Instruments Quotes

Fortunately, I learned how to orchestrate. So when I write, I’m usually hearing what the song is and the orchestration. So something like “Walk on By”: as I’m writing that, I’m hearing the flugelhorn, which became identifiable.

When I put my hand on the piano, what you hear, what people hear, what I’ve done in my life is my honest music — it’s not me trying to be anybody.

It was a special thrill to meet, paint and hang out with Ringo Starr. I painted a series of portraits of Ringo to celebrate his birthday one year. I also painted a Baldwin piano for him benefitting one of his charities, MusiCares, which helps musicians in times of need. I painted a second piano for […]

When I was nine, I got “With The Beatles,” and my grandma bought me a honky old drum and an old cymbal. That’s it, isn’t it; what more is there? A drum, a cymbal and “With The Beatles.” Has the world really come on much further?