Pantheism Quotes

The modern pantheist not only sees the God in everything, he takes photographs of it.

One reason why people find (Life-Force religion) so attractive is it gives one much of the emotional comfort of believing in God and none of the less pleasant consequences. When you are feeling fit and the sun is shining and you do not want to believe that the whole universe is a mere mechanical dance […]

There is the fact of the nearness of God, what the books call his “immanence”. Push it too far and you have “pantheism” – a God lost in the world to which he is near.

The religion of beauty, imagination, and philosophy, without constraint moral or intellectual, a religion speculative and self-indulgent. Pantheism, indeed, is the great deceit which awaits the Age to come.

The chief objection I have to pantheism is that it says nothing. To call the world God is not to explain it; it is only to enrich our language with a superfluous synonym for the world world.