Popular Quotes

This part for “General Hospital” came up, and I only took it because I needed the money. I didn’t think it was any kind of career move… I thought, “Nobody watches these shows except blue-haired old ladies ironing.” But it just happened to become the popular TV show among college kids that summer. It was […]

You have to appeal to the adult… the children don’t have any money!

I’ve always been a little left of center of what the trends are, no matter what they are. That’s not on purpose. That’s just who I am as an artist.

Because of my classical training there is a conflict at times whether I do something even slightly commercial, or popular. The attitude is that if it’s successful, there must be something wrong with it, like TV—it’s cheap. If it bombs I’ll know it’s good—really warped thinking.

I really don’t think I was the most popular… I’m sure it would be Gilligan, maybe, or the Skipper. But, I think Mary Ann was relatable. And for you, as a young person growing up watching the show, Ginger was too much! You have to be pretty sophisticated. And Mrs. Howell could have been your […]

I’ve always tried to do the right thing rather than the popular thing.

I’d say that “My Way” was very significant for my era of artists and art history and reminding people that even though hip-hop mattered, R&B did as well, because I do think that it became more about the opulence and the lifestyle more so than the dance and the entertainment. I can literally remember a time […]