The Quotes

Groups are out, four piece groups with guitars particularly are finished. The boys won’t go, Mr. Epstein. We know these things. You have a good business in Liverpool. Stick to that. (Decca Records, 1962)

When I was nine, I got “With The Beatles,” and my grandma bought me a honky old drum and an old cymbal. That’s it, isn’t it; what more is there? A drum, a cymbal and “With The Beatles.” Has the world really come on much further?

A decisive moment in the history of Western civilization. (About “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” in the London Times, 1977)

I was sitting around a table with friends, smoking a joint, when we heard “Rubber Soul” for the very first time; and I’m smoking and I’m getting high and the album blew my mind because it was a whole album with all good stuff! It flipped me out so much, I said, “I’m gonna try […]

Paul explained that [the album cover concept for “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”] was like a band you might see in a park. So the cover shot could be a photograph of them as though they were a town band finishing a concert in a park, playing on a bandstand with a municipal flowerbed […]