Weddings Quotes

Falling madly in love and getting married would be the most horrific thing that could happen.

Everybody may have his own taste about marrying, whether it is between two people of the same race or two people of a different race, but is there any reason in logic or in ethics why people should not meet together upon perfect equality and in every relation of life and never think of the […]

I believe in love. That’s why hopefully there will be just one more wedding for me. Fourth time’s the charm!

How wonderful it would be never to marry but to go on being lovely in pale green dresses and forever being courted by handsome men. (“Gone with the Wind’)

If either the bride or groom has second thoughts about their feelings, it would be far better to call the wedding off. While it may cause the other party to be upset, in the long run, it would be far better for all concerned.

There’s nothing more mischievous than moping along and getting into the blue devils! Nothing more likely to drive a man to suicide or matrimony, or some infernal entanglement even worse! (“Ralph Wilton’s Weird”)