The divine nature of this world involves for the human being the pure, absolute nature, the plenitude state of this world, because this is what the human being sees through divine, as it is divine too, it sees itself. Beauty consists of the divine nature of this world, just like the sublime and the perfection. In all theses, there is Good and Evil too. We cannot speak of sublime or divine perfection without knowing what Evil is in reference to the Good of the sublime, divine and perfection. The current hierarchy of the human society fights together with the cults for the Good alone, putting Evil aside and thus, by imposing the dictatorship of Good, leads to the exacerbation of Evil. If all these wrongs in the man are divine, is it worth it to wait for other hard times when he is to sacrifice other generations to reach the conclusion that most of the next generations will all be killed in order to allow a handful of villains to exist on top of the social pyramid, who will eventually realise that their vileness comes precisely from the hierarchy and when the hierarchy will disappear because there will not be the many and the tormented to support it, they will realize that the true path is the society of the Sacred Self. Is this all this worth it Does this Everest of suffering which is our world have a meaning No, it has no meaning for us, the human beings that know neither why we are born in this world, nor why we will die. We do not even know what we were before we were born or if we really were something, as we do not know if we will ever be something. Everything we know are all sorts of fairytales to which religious titles were given precisely because man find much more comfortable to declare fairytales for putting young children asleep as religions, turning them in fairytales for putting adult children asleep, instead of accepting the reality of Death and the impossibility of answering these questions.

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