It is coming. A vast war. A war no citizen of any country can stop, except those who are supposed to represent citizens. It will be war to buttress the next few hundred years of nation-state politics it is a defining moment in world history. It has been boiling for millenia, simmering for the last few generations, and shall be a meal for the masses who have t.v. or who experience causalities. It is the only avenue left for peace. Who is to say that a multi-nation state war based on economics, religion and politics is a bad thing It could lead to the destruction of those conditions that created such misery and death.It could lead to humanity. But then again, should humanity be a growing process are we still infantileMaybe every soldier who serves in the name of their country is a modern day Christ. Perhaps we have replaced Christ, an individual who sacrificed for the sake of humanity, for those individuals who fight for a nation-state. It is a degredation of ideals. Perhaps people are too colored by their immediate culture and responsibilities to notice the suffering of humanity. Perhaps they're not allowed to care. Perhaps there's not enough time to make an effort to care.But who needs wisdom or hope when war is the answer and motivation to peace. Individuals have allowed their power to be consolidated into a handful of humans who manipulate perception for their own individual ends. Is it those few who bear responsibility Or is it just foolish to believe that one human can represent another Is the upcoming war good to find the solution for humanity or is it just another folly of a stupid speciesWhat is the solution What is the end to all this silliness

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