My Favorite Quotes

Show Chad Brown - “The funny thing is, I've watched games from last year, practices from last year,”
Show Corey Brewer - “It's kind of funny. We're trying to get to the Final Four. What's the Sweet 16 That's not our goal. We're trying to win six games, not two.”
Show Kyle Green - “It's funny because the team's really gotten better, even lately. Players don't see improvement during stretches like this but coaches do and it's there. Even from just six or seven games ago, we've improved in certain areas.”
Show Martin Straka - “He's awesome. He's a big part of the team and when he's playing, he's playing well. He's a leader and a great guy in the locker room, helping the other guys. He's funny on the bench during games. I like to sit next to him.”
Show Patty Silverstein - “It's one of those funny games with numbers because they have such a small total employment base.”
Show Wanda Sykes - “I know it sounds like the party line, but I just love doing this show, ... Larry is just an odd man, and in such an inappropriate way. He's funny. He's a genius, and he's so lovable. It's a treat to show up at work and yell at him.”
Show Danielle Welch - “He always kept things interesting and upbeat. He was not only kind and gentle but always patient, funny and a bit quirky.”
Show Richard Rodgers - “Funny Girl.”
Show Bob Guiney - “She made fun of me. She was so funny and so beautiful, I said I'd love to date a girl like this.”
Show Jane Foley - “He was always sweet and funny. If you needed something like a pencil or a piece of paper, he'd always give you one, even if he had to sacrifice his own.”
Show Pharrell Williams - “It's funny because I never really wanted to do a solo record. But I'm always making beats that's just what I do. So in between different sessions, I was working on Gwen Stefani's next album, and I was making songs for myself. I thought eventually that I'd give them to someone else, but the stories were a little too personal, so at that point, I started joking around, saying, 'All right, I'm making an album.' And before I knew it, I really was making one.”
Show Greg Robinson - “It's funny. With this system, when you take what they give you, you never know who it's going to be. Obviously we utilize the tight end in our system. Most West Coast offenses, the tight end is a big, big part.”
Show Jason Kidd - “This is a funny game. I was telling (Chauncey) Billups that we acted like we couldn't play on the west coast. Then we come home and we give them a run for their money. And we won a big ball game.”
Show Shaun Maloney - “It is funny because we never played up front together too much coming through the ranks. We have really only done that in the first team this season and have come on a lot together. Having grown up alongside one another it is refreshing to see Craig scoring goals.”
Show Joe Thornton - “It's nice to see some funny goals. That's what happens when you shoot the puck.”
Show Tom Kite - “I think they really hurt the higher handicapper. In our case, the bunkers are way too short and we drive over them, or they're too long for us to drive over them. It's a funny golf course.”
Show Herb Krickstein - “It's funny now. Hey, it's like her swing coach Martin Hall said, 'It's better to show up with no shirts than with no golf swing.”
Show Mel Blasi - “Golf is a funny game anything can happen. Our conference is strong and well-balanced. There are no guarantees.”
Show Steve Solomon - “Since Dodo is so famous, I decided it would be good if she played on the American team. It should be very exciting. She's a funny lady and she's more famous than all the men.”
Show Leslie Howle - “She was funny, warm, solicitous, caring, kind -- everything you want out of a good friend.”
Show Alex Smith - “It was definitely funny. But compared to his other seasons, it wasn't as good. I guess because with the other seasons, everything seemed so new. They really weren't as funny as his older stuff.”
Show Shaun Cumberland - “It's just a funny thing. I've just gotten good pitches to handle against them.”
Show Dan Radcliffe - “No no, not boxers, they look like these kind of swimming trunks type thing, underwear, and it's the sort of thing that... I really can't see anyone wanting to wear them And I sort of just get in, and I've not actually seen the bit where you see me with my top half undressed... but I've seen the bit after that where I'm just in the bath. It is very funny with Moaning Myrtle. It's a really good scene, but I'm sort of a bit nervous about seeing that in the cinema.”
Show Sofia Vergara - “You know the writer is American I don't even think she speaks Spanish. So that was good because the director has a lot of Latin roots in her. But I think it is a target to the Latin market because there is a lot of Latin in it. I think anyone could enjoy it because it is very light, simple, funny things. It's a universal language.”
Show Tim Wakefield - “Kevin will be missed. He was the guy that always kept things light and humorous and funny. Baltimore is getting a pretty good hitter and a great teammate, a guy that makes things fun.”

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