My Favorite Quotes

“The image of the God whom the faithful creates is the Image of the God whom his own being reveals. Thus it is psychologically true to say that 'the God created in the faiths' is the symbol of the Self. The God to whom we pray can be only the God who reveals Himself to us, by us, and for us, but it is praying to Him that we cause the 'God created in the faiths' to be himself enveloped in the Divine Compassion, that is, existentiated, manifested by it. The theophanies of the 'Gods' manifested to the heart or to the faiths are all theophanies of the real One God (Haqq Haqiqi). When we are the musalli, this must be borne in mind he who knows this is the gnostic who has untied the knot of closed, limited dogmas, because for him they have become theophanic symbols.”
Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn al-`Arabi