My Favorite Quotes

“As I said, the iPod nano is almost perfect. Apple cheaps out by not including a carrying case or lanyard for the device either would prevent you from simply tossing the device in your pocket and subjecting it to abuse from coins, keys, or other paraphernalia. My test unit is already scuffed up pretty severely, despite my attempts to baby it. And I've got real concerns that the skinny iPod nano could be easily killed by inadvertently sitting on it. The device is that thin. These are all quibbles, of course. The iPod nano is that rarest of tech devices Immensely useful, beautiful, and desirableall at the same time. We're getting to the point at which most new iPod purchases are probably coming from repeat customers. So, whether you already have an iPod or not, the iPod nano is a great device to consider. It just doesn't get any better than this.”
Paul Thurrott