Charlton Heston Quotes

I’m the only human being in most of ‘Planet of the Apes.’

Since I played Moses, I’ve heard every Moses joke ever conceived by the mind of man.

I wish for you the courage to call it what it is: Political correctness is just tyranny with manners. Let’s face it: Who here can say what you really believe? Who here doesn’t edit your words and cleanse your thoughts to mollify the reactionaries? Whose zeal and fervor and passion for greatness isn’t straitjacketed by […]

After a couple of years with the culturally correct crosshairs trained on my chest, I must admit it was a whole lot easier being Moses. But I can say this: get involved with a politically unpopular cause and you’ll quickly find out who your friends are. I’ve been blasted from Time Magazine to The Washington […]

We-the-people have become a willing audience to made-for-TV lawmaking, watching national policy unfold like a scripted storyline – because it is.

You are heirs to a governing machine that churns out poll-tested, packaged policy with politically correct labelling, and a media all too willing to market it for free. Whatever shade matches the national mood ring becomes law of the land. Our Founding Fathers would hardly recognize this federal spectacle of posturing, scripting and staging.

Popularity is history’s pocket change. Courage is the true currency of history.

I submit that you and your counterparts in colleges from coast to coast also appear to be the most socially conformed and politically silenced generation since Concord bridge. And so long as you shrug your shoulders and abide by it, then by the standards of your grandfathers, you are cultural cowards.

Don’t always believe everything you hear from a Bill Clinton, or a Dan Rather, a George W. Bush or an Al Gore. Dig deeper than the headlines or the stump speeches or the television news. Don’t trust any of us – not a Michael Jordan, or a Dennis Miller, not even Charlton Heston. Because we […]

One more thing about the Bill of Rights. Please keep faith in its purity. Those who say it needs editing must admit Americans are no longer worthy of its blessings. Those who say it’s archaic must admit this country can’t live up to its Founders’ dreams. Those who say they know better, let them go […]