Diogenes Quotes

What I like to drink most is wine that belongs to others.

To arrive at perfection, a man should have very sincere friends or inveterate enemies; because he would be made sensible of his good or ill conduct, either by the censures of the one or the admonitions of the other.

One original thought is worth a thousand mindless quotings.

No man is hurt but by himself.

The only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance.

I am called a dog because I fawn on those who give me anything, I yelp at those who refuse, and I set my teeth in rascals.

Dogs and philosophers do the greatest good and get the fewest rewards.

He has the most who is most content with the least.

The sun too penetrates into privies, but is not polluted by them.

When the people applauded him wildly, he (Phocion) turned to one of his friends and said, “Have I said something foolish?”