E. Haldeman-Julius Quotes

The churches can well afford to pay fair taxation. But supposing they couldn’t. Would not that be a very significant evidence that the churches were not really wanted?

The Bible was a collection of books written at different times by different men – a strange mixture of diverse human documents – and a tissue of irreconcilable notions. Inspired? The Bible is not even intelligent. It is not even good craftsmanship, but is full of absurdities and contradictions.

Remember that millions of Christians still base their belief in a God upon the words of the Bible, which is a collection of the most flabbergasting fictions ever imagined – by men, too, who had lawless but very poor and crude imagination. Ingersoll and numerous other critics have shot the Christian holy book full of […]

Theism tells men that they are the slaves of a God. Atheism assures men that they are the investigators and users of nature.

With its fears and superstitions and prejudices, religion poisons the mind of any one who believes in it – and even the best man, under the influence of religion, cannot reason wholesomely. Atheism, on the contrary, opens the mind to the clean winds of truth and establishes a fresh-air sanity.

We assert that the philosophy of humanity – that the best interests of the human race – demand a strong statement and a repeated, enlightening statement of atheism.

Why should an atheist pay more taxes so that a church which he despises should pay no taxes? That’s a fair question. How can the apologists for the church exemption answer it?

Faith,” said St. Paul, “is the evidence of things not seen.” We should elaborate this definition by adding that faith is the assertion of things for which there is not a particle of evidence and of things which are incredible.