Erica Jong Quotes

The stones themselves are thick with history, and those cats that dash through the alleyways must surely be the ghosts of the famous dead in feline disguise.

The truth is that mass communications are only a mirror of our values. They show us who we are and what we have become. If we dislike what we see there we should cure the body politic, not merely attempt to retouch its image.

You must have a certain amount of maturity to be a poet. Seldom do sixteen-year-olds know themselves well enough.

Oh Doris Lessing, my dear – your Anna is wrong about orgasms. They are no proof of love – any more than that other Anna’s fall under the wheels of that Russian train was a proof of love. It’s all female shenanigans, cultural mishegoss, conditioning, brainwashing, male mythologizing. What does a woman want? She wants […]

Gossip is the opiate of the oppressed.

At fifty, the madwoman in the attic breaks loose, stomps down the stairs, and sets fire to the house. She won’t be imprisoned anymore.

The older we get, the more Jewish we become in my family. My mother’s father declared himself an atheist in his communist youth, so we never belonged to a synagogue or had bat mitzvahs. But we wind up in Hebrew homes for the aged and in cemeteries with Hebrew letters over the gates. Thus does […]

There is a rhythm to the ending of a marriage just like the rhythm of a courtship – only backward. You try to start again but get into blaming over and over. Finally, you are both worn out, exhausted, hopeless. Then lawyers are called in to pick clean the corpses. The death has occurred much […]

Creativity demands nothing less than all you have. Talent alone is never enough.

It takes courage to lead a life. Any life.