Lemuel K. Washburn Quotes

If you can forgive the man who wronged you, the neighbor who slandered you and help the poor about you, you need not be particular about making any professions of righteousness.

A handsome bonnet covers a multitude of sins.

The reason that revelation is always made to the simple is that the wise could not be imposed upon.

Piety could do nothing better than imitate morality.

People who rely most on God rely least on themselves.

The cross people carry to-day is made of gold or set with diamonds.

The people who boast the loudest of carrying their cross are never around when man cries for help.

No man was ever yet canonized for minding his own business.

A person has not much excuse for living who can make no better use of life than passing it in a nunnery.

The convent is opposed to all that is sacred in human nature.