Leo Tolstoy Quotes

It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.

A writer is dear and necessary for us only in the measure of which he reveals to us the inner workings of his very soul.

Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.

If only it be admitted that art may be unintelligible to any one of sound mind and yet be art, there is no reason why any circle of perverted people should not compose works tickling their own perverted feelings and comprehensible to no one but themselves, and call it ‘art’.

The creation and sale of most art today is pure prostitution. The comparison is true in every detail. Real art can only rarely be created even by a real artist; like a child in a mother’s womb, it is the ripened fruit of his prior life. False art, though, can be ceaselessly produced by craftsmen, […]

All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. (“Anna Karenina”)