Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes

Men take only their needs into consideration; never their abilities.

I hope the time is not far off when I shall be able to unite all the wise and educated men of all the countries and establish a uniform regime based on the principles of the Quran which alone are true and which alone can lead men to happiness.

Arabia was idolatrous when, six centuries after Jesus, Muhammad introduced the worship of the God of Abraham, of Ishmael, of Moses, and Jesus – Muhammad declared that there was none but one God who had no father, no son and that the trinity imported the idea of idolatry.

Moses has revealed the existence of God to his nation. Jesus Christ to the Roman world, Muhammad to the old continent.

What, sir, you would make a ship sail against the wind and currents by lighting a bonfire under her decks? I pray you excuse me. I have no time to listen to such nonsense. (to Robert Fulton)

Music, of all the liberal arts, has the greatest influence over the passions, and it is that to which the legislator ought to give the greatest encouragement.

Impossibility: a word only to be found in the dictionary of fools.

Imagination rules the world.

Genuine victories, the sole conquests yielding no remorse, are those gained over ignorance.

Order marches with weighty and measured strides; disorder is always in a hurry.