Oliver Wendell Holmes Quotes

Civilization is the process of reducing the infinite to the finite.

To be civilized is to be potentially master of all possible ideas, and that means that one has got beyond being shocked, although one preserves one’s own moral aesthetic preferences.

The degree of civilization which a people has reached, no doubt, is marked by their anxiety to do as they would be done by.

Listen young heroes! Your country is calling! Time strikes the hour for the brave and the true! Now while the foremost are fighting and falling, Fill up the ranks that have opened for you!

I always say, as you know, that if my fellow citizens want to go Hell I will help them. It’s my job.

What a blessed thing it is that nature, when she invented, manufactured and patented her authors, contrived to make critics out of the chips that were left!

A child’s education should begin at least one hundred years before he is born.

Speak not too well of one who scarce will know Himself transfigured in its roseate glow; Say kindly of him what is, chiefly, true, Remembering always he belongs to you; Deal with him as a truant, if you will, But claim him, keep him, call him brother still!

Our brains are seventy year clocks, the angel of life winds them up once and for all, then closes the case, and gives the key into the hands of the angel of resurrection.

To brag little – to show well – to crow gently, if in luck – to pay up, to own up, and to shut up, if beaten, are the virtues of a sporting man.