Philip Dormer Stanhope Quotes

Wrongs are often forgiven; contempt never.

Take the tone of the company that you are in.

A man of the best parts and greatest learning, if he does not know the world by his own experience and observation, will be very absurd, and consequently very unwelcome in company. He may say very good things; but they will be probably so ill-timed, misplaced, or improperly addressed, that he had much better hold […]

Parsons are very like men, and neither the better nor the worse for wearing a black gown.

Mankind is made up of inconsistencies, and no man acts invariably up to his predominant character. The wisest man sometimes acts weakly, and the weakest sometimes wisely.

Character must be kept bright, as well as clean.

You must look into people, as well as at them.

Without some dissimulation no business can be carried on at all.

Promptness is the soul of business.

Few people do business well who do nothing else.