Robert Green Ingersoll Quotes

All these gods demanded praise, flattery, and worship. Most of them were pleased with sacrifice, and the smell of innocent blood has ever been considered a divine perfume.

Salvation through slavery is worthless. Salvation from slavery is inestimable.

These deities have demanded the most abject and degrading obedience. In order to please them, man must lay his very face in the dust. Of course, they have always been partial to the people who created them, and have generally shown their partiality by assisting those people to rob and destroy others, and to ravish […]

Those who have loved God most have loved men least.

Ours is the first government made by the people for the people. It is the only nation with which the gods have nothing to do.

He loves his country best who strives to make it best.

He who commends the brutalities of the past, sows the seeds of future crimes.

Heresy is a cradle; orthodoxy a coffin.

He (Thomas Paine) saw oppression on every hand; injustice everywhere; hypocrisy at the altar; venality on the bench, tyranny on the throne; and with a splendid courage he espoused the cause of the weak against the strong.

The real oppressor, enslaver, and corrupter of the people is the Bible.