Thomas Browne Quotes

We term sleep a death… by which we may be literally said to die daily; in fine, so like death, I dare not trust it without my prayers.

Obstinacy in a bad cause is but constancy in a good.

All things are artificial, for nature is the art of God.

Men live by intervals of reason under the sovereignty of humor and passion.

I speak not in prejudice, nor am I averse from that sweet Sex, but naturally amorous of all that is beautiful; I can look a whole day with delight upon a handsome Picture, though it be but of a Horse.

The heart of man is the place the devil dwells in; I feel sometimes a hell within myself.

Not picked from the leaves of any author, but bred amongst the weeds and tares of mine own brain.

Where life is more terrible than death, it is then the truest valor to dare to live.

By compassion we make others’ misery our own, and so, by relieving them, we relieve ourselves also.

He who must needs have company, must needs have sometimes bad company.