Thomas Hardy Quotes

And at home by the fire, whenever you look up, there I shall be – and whenever I look up, there you shall be.

War makes rattling good history; but Peace is poor reading.

Cruelty is the law pervading all nature and society; and we can’t get out of it if we would.

A lover without indiscretion is no lover at all.

The social molds civilization fits us into have no more relation to our actual shapes than the conventional shapes of the constellations have to real star patterns.

Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change.

Books are a world in themselves, it is true; but they are not the only world. The world itself is a volume larger than all the libraries in it.

The first fire since the summer is lit, and is smoking into the room: The sun-rays thread it through, like woof-lines in a loom. Sparrows spurt from the hedge, whom misgivings appal That winter did not leave last year for ever, after all. Like shock-headed urchins, spiny-haired, Stand pollard willows, their twigs just bared. Who […]

Art consists in so depicting the common events of life as to bring out the features which illustrate the author’s idiosyncratic mode of regard.