William Cowper Quotes

Oh Nymph of transatlantic fame, Where’er thine haunt, whate’er thy name, Whether reposing on the side Of Oroonoquo’s spacious tide, Or listening with delight not small To Niagara’s distant fall, ‘Tis time to cherish and to feed The pungent nose-refreshing weed, Which, whether pulverized it gain A speedy passage to the brain, Or, whether, touch’d […]

He is the freeman whom the truth makes free, And all are slaves beside.

Freedom hath a thousand charms to show, That slaves however contented never know.

I have no more right to the name of a poet than a maker of mousetraps has to that of an engineer.

Thus always teasing others, and days teas’d, His only pleasure is to be displeas’d.

Oh to have a lodge in some vast wilderness. Where rumour of oppression and deceit, Of unsuccessful or successful war, Might never reach me more.

Patriots are grown too shrewd to be sincere, And we too wise to trust them.

I shall not ask Jean Jacques Rousseau – If birds confabulate or no.

An idler is a watch that wants both hands, As useless if it goes as if it stands.

Absence of occupation is not rest, a mind quite vacant is a mind distressed.