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An aspiring actor really needs to know that they want to live an actor’s life. I feel like that about any job. You need to continue to believe in it even when those around you don’t, because otherwise you won’t enjoy it.

Daredevil is such an amazing character. It’s been the great honor of my career to be offered that part and to be able to play him. I’ve had such fun with it. It’s changed my life irrevocably.

Whatever happens to my career going forward from this point on, I owe most of it to the “Save Daredevil” campaign.

When I was young, I had a professor in the theatre department who made some advances that were unwanted. I was 19, he was in his 50s.

With reality shows, and things like that on TV now, people probably feel a little more hopeful that they could make something of themselves. But at that time, 30 years ago, it was just like, “How could I possibly dare to think that I could go be a star? How could I possibly think that?”

I see someone with a crooked nose; my right eye’s bigger than my left, and sometimes I have zits.

I’m not an actor. I’ve seen actors, great actors. I go to the movie and wish I could do what they do — DeNiro, he just gives me chills, and if you see a great film, you see actors in it do great performances, you could tell that I’m not one of them. Like “Amadeus” […]

I don’t think that I can act at all, to be honest. I just can be who I am. I pretend to be this person, whoever it is. I don’t call it acting.

“Big Bang” was such a group piece. It was such an ensemble show. And I got to put in my funny sarcasms and my little things, but I wasn’t the leader of that show. Sometimes I got to take a backseat, and sometimes I got to shine. And so when I decided to do “The […]

As an actor, I love going to play something else; you get to escape.