Admire - Admiration Quotes

We always love those who admire us, and we do not always love those whom we admire.

Admiration is a very short-lived passion, that immediately decays upon growing familiar with its object.

What makes us like new acquaintances is not so much the weariness we have of the old ones or the pleasure of changing, as the disgust of not being admired enough by those who know us too well, and the hope of being more admired by those who do not know us as well.

All things are admired either because they are new or because they are great.

And the three men I admire most, The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost; They caught the last train for the coast, The day the music died.

Admiration,n. Our polite recognition of another’s resemblance to ourselves.

All of us admire people we don’t like and like people we don’t admire.

Some people are molded by their admirations, others by their hostilities.

Fools admire, but men of sense approve.

I don’t have any solution but I certainly admire the problem.